LAN Installation

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At Digital Leo we specialize network installation, network design, phone systems, Network cabling, CCTV and Surveillance..
A cabling mess can lead to employees tripping over wires that is for power or data cabling. This is a more serious matter that needs the attention of any business owner and business operation manager. Safety aside, a messy cabling infrastructure leads to lost time. Lack of labels on cables makes it hard to find out where exactly each wire is terminated leading to wasted time and in turn a huge cost to any organization.
We will take care of all of your network needs by our broad range of services including but not limited to Network Installation, Data and Voice Cabling, and Cable Management Services.

After Digital Leo

8 Core Multi-mode Fiber

FC-FC SM Duplex Fiber Patch Cord 20Meters

UTP Cat5e- 24 AWG

Twisted pair cable for carrying signals. Mainly used in structured cabling for Ethernet networks for Telephony and Video providing performance of up to 100 MHz and is suitable for 10BASE-T,100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet), and 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet). Cat 5 is also used to carry other signals such as telephony and video